Meridian Treatment, Remedial Massage, Sports Therapy, NST Bowen

Meridian Treatment is the fast route to telling the body what to do. When the Meridian is blocked, the energy is blocked,
and things shut down. By promoting circulation, then the body will heal from physical injury, internal or external.

The Meridian Therapy treatment is inter-related within the theory of the organs transporting Chi and blood to nourish the body through channels. Meridian Therapy provides treatments for sports, injuries or general healing relaxation and recovery for
stress or emotional related conditions.

Remedial Massage for the treatment of pain & injury involving soft tissue muscles tendons joints ligaments.
Targets specific areas of muscle tension caused by stress or injury and can assist with overuse and repetive strain injuries.
Self stretch & posture correction is assessed. Maintenance is important for preventing injury and increasing flexibility & circulation.

Sports Therapy
• Pre & post event massage given within 2 days of the event
• Pre & post massages given on sports event
• Training & conditioning massage given during intense training
• Injury & rehabilitation healing treatment

NST - Bowen Neuro Structural Integration Technique

The main aim of NST is to remove pain and dysfunctional physiological and psychological conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body.

NST employs a series of gentle but specific moves which the body responds extremely relaxed, and for various spinal, somatic, cranials and autonomic reflexes to be activated, bringing a resetting of the whole body.

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